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Textile news and Trends by Prosino Borgosesia Rings

Spinning World is an independent publishing project by Prosino. Published twice a year, it is our window on the international textile world, which will hopefully offer our interlocutors all over the world food for thought, the opinions of textile industry leaders, in-depth technical studies, emerging trends and common problems.

Spinning World #1 (2012)

03 – Editorial by Pietro Prosino

04 – The New Era of Egyptian Cotton (interview with Demetrio Neri, the Italian Manager of Nile Spinning & Wearing)

06 – The value of Made in Italy (exclusive interview with Pier Luigi Loro Piana)

08 – Sant’Andrea Novara, a winning answer to the European textile machinery crisis

10 – PROSINO, a new communication strategy to promote quality

11 – Conical Rings by Prosino Borgosesia Rings

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Spinning World #2 (2013)

02 – Editorial by Pietro Prosino

03 – The Business Idea of REDA, a passion for wool since 1865 (interview with Francesco Botto Poala)

06 – Leadership in Glass Fiber Twisting (interview with Christopher Reyes, chairman fo Reyes Group)

08 – The Experience of Çemen Tekstil in Gaziantep, capital of acrylic spinning (interview with Kamil Cetinkaya, chairman of ÇemenTekstil)

10 – PROSINO, a quality investment: Life span of flanged spinning rings

11 – Borgosesia NYLON 5 Sintered Metal Rings

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Spinning World #3 (2014)

02 – Editorial by Pietro Prosino

03 – A Thirty-Year Partnership with the Rieter Group (by Carlo Alberto Prosino)

04 – Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia (interview with Paolo Busato)

06 – Rieter Group, interview with Wemer K. Strasser

08 – Pt Danar Mas Concern, interview with Jemmy K. Sastraatmadja

11 – The Benefit of the H 9.1 Conical Ring (by Paolo Frassino)

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Spinning World #4 (2014)

04 – Grasping the Spirit of Cotton – Aldo Pienzi, a world expert in the selection of high-grade cottons

06 – Rapid decision-making in a large group – Saurer Group, a solid and flexible group that keeps up with evolutions in the textile markets

08 – “From Years to Yarns” – Cesare Savio narrates the entreprenurial story of a family who has always believedin innovation

10 – The Steelhawk ring’s contribution to reducing costs in cotton spinning

11 – Double Life Rings – The new reversible rings

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spinning world 5

Spinning World #5 (2015)

03 – Editorial by Pietro Prosino

04 – Marzoli Machine Textile – Interview with management

08 – Ermenegildo Zegna – The leader of luxury

11 – Steelhawk flies high – Case History

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